Jan 6th – My sick day

Hi guys!

I really hope y’all are managing to avoid this plague that’s sweeping through the US. It’s either a horrible cold or flu. While I’d rather not be sick at all, I’m glad I got the cold. The site’s kind of a mess right now; which is fitting, because so am I. I’ll fix it up when my brain isn’t so fuzzy from Sudafed.

Just wanted to let y’all know what I’m up to today and share a tasty recipe. I’ve discovered I like 100% whole wheat bread more than I enjoy white bread. (Weird, considering my love of Sara Lee white bread…) I guess I got over my childhood belief that it tasted like cardboard! While enjoying my PB&J, I’m fueling a couple of my addictions: Perfectly Posh and Lularoe. Lordy. I need to stop, but they’re so great. (I’m a Posh consultant if you need a hookup. I’m in a TON of ‘roe groups on Facebook if you need a hookup there.)

Anyways. Back to what you’re here for. Recipes, tips, etc… Y’all probably don’t want my life story!

Tonight, for dinner, a super easy recipe – Maple Balsamic and Herb chicken

Sounds difficult, right? It’s not! It’s super easy. Most of the recipes I’ll be sharing over the next few days will be from Eat Yourself Skinny. Kelly, the author, does a great job of breaking down nutritional values and even includes Weight Watchers points. Her recipes sound difficult, but they’re easy and delicious. Check her out! (More links to recipe pages and fitness and stuff on the Resources page as I discover them!

Here’s the recipe:


Easy right? Try it out sometime! Now, I’ve shared the healthy stuff… I’m going back to my unhealthy addiction to leggings and bath products. (My Perfectly Posh site)


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