2/12 – Progress, falling off the wagon, progress

Hey guys!

So sorry I’ve disappeared for so long. I’ve been busy with work, the gym, planning remodeling projects, shopping for remodeling projects…so many things.

So here’s an update just from the past couple days. I had lost 12 pounds. I felt awesome. However, I found out that my other half had gotten burgers after dropping me off at work one day. That planted a seed. That seed led to completely falling off the wagon Friday and Saturday nights. I ate more cheeseburgers in 2 days (Three. Three cheeseburgers) than I have in the past month. They were amazing. However, I’m paying the price today. I’m up three pounds and man does my stomach hurt. It’s a helpful reminder that, while delicious, those foods are terrible for you. Back to veggie burgers and salads and such I go. So that’s the downfall.

Now, on the plus side, it’s only 3 pounds. I can make that disappear. Mike promised to either not eat fast food or not let me know about it. We’re also going to the gym more, which is really fun. It’s nice having someone I’m totally comfortable go with me and teach me things. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself in front of him. I’m too awkward to deal with a personal trainer on the regular.

So here’s the plan. I have a workout routine. I have a brand new Fitbit. (Any one else have one? I could use some friends to keep me motivated!) I have a diet plan. I have an app that keeps track of my calories. And I have motivation (I bought clothes a couple sizes too small..) to keep going.

I can, and will, do this!



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