Jan 17th -Updates!

Hey guys and gals!

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been enjoying a long weekend. I’ve been sticking to my diet for the most part. I had a couple slips. But hey, if you can’t enjoy a cheat here or there, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’ll accept it!

I have swapped my usual cheat days for an extra Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bar or low-cal junk food, so there’s that. We’ve been trying recipes from eatyourselfskinny.com

Last night, we tried theĀ Veggie and Cheese stuffed shells. I’m pretty sure we did it wrong, because there was way more carrot than there needed to be, but it was still pretty tasty. Highly recommend. So good.

So let’s talk exercise. I was supposed to have a meeting with a trainer today. That didn’t happen. Shit happens, ya know. It’ll be rescheduled soon. Now. What is your favorite exercise? Personally, I love yoga. But I also love leg press. I don’t know about you, but most of my strength comes from my legs. I love the zen feeling after yoga. It balances out my stress level and allows me to relax. Try it, if you haven’t. It’s good for any weight, age, etc.

What is your favorite exercise or way to relax?


Jan 12 – Gym? Gym.

Hey all!

I’ve been slacking on this whole blogging thing again. But I’ve been super busy. (That’s good, right?)

I’m officially 98% over that horrible cold. I’m averaging about 5000 steps a day and climbing. I’m attempting to break my relationship with the elevator. Let me tell you, that one is hard.

But good news! With the help of a friend, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and joining a gym. Gonna go work out with strangers. If you’ve ever been body-shamed… you know how hard this is. I’m even looking into their group fitness classes! (You don’t know me, but with social anxiety and being an introvert, this is a HUGE deal…)

I’m pretty stoked, if you can’t tell. I’ll update soon!

Jan 7th – Still sick

Hi guys!

So. I’m still sick. I have more energy than I did yesterday, though. Which is good, because I weighed myself today.

I have officially reached my heaviest weight. 276.2 pounds. I’m officially morbidly obese. That is really hard for me to say. So something needs to change.

So let’s talk about exercise. It’s way too f&@!ing cold outside for me to walk/jog. And as a struggling college kid with unreliable transportation, I can’t afford a gym membership or to get to the college’s rec center. So what am I going to do?! Well, I recently discovered that Comcast has fitness OnDemand. They have yoga, Biggest Loser workouts, and a bunch more. So yoga is going to be my warm-up and cool-down each day. I’m going to check out the actual workouts and work my way through them, provided my cat and dog will stay out of the way.

I have a FitBit (if you do too, we should be friends!) that will track my steps throughout the day at work. I plan to walk and drink a SlimFast shake during my 30-minute lunch break.

I’ve said these things before, but I’m truly dedicated this time. To put it bluntly, I don’t want to die, and my currently lifestyle is slowly killing me. Sorry, got a little dark there, but it’s true.

So let’s do this! Let’s get off our butts and lose this weight.

My ultimate goal is 100 pounds right now. But I’m looking at smaller steps. 10 pounds. (I refuse to do “before” pictures until I reach 30 days of consistent diet and exercise.)

What are your goals?